I am…

… a woman, wife, mother, grammy and a writer. The journey of my life has been filled with adventure;  poignant personal and family memories  stand as signposts along the path which I have traveled. Knowledge of the love of God defines who I am today. I am a proud daughter of the one true God, redeemed by His Son Jesus through His death and resurrection, enjoying His constant companionship through the indwelling Holy Spirit. I am an evangelical Christian.

Through the decades I have written for magazines and other media outlets, some for payment, some for free. Wild thoughts and fantasies, passionate joys and dreadful sorrows, imaginative ideas and simple thoughts have all passed like seasonal winds through my life and mind.

Those who know me well have heard my proclamations many times: This is the year I will write my book!

Okay, so I am not getting any younger.

The Time Is Now.

I am blogging so you all will keep me honest and inspired. I am blogging to establish a disciplined writing place and time. I am blogging because my coach, my cousin Thonie Hevron who is the published author of two books, told me it is something I must do.

The first book that seems to have percolated long enough now has begun to take shape. There are others, stories I want to tell, some true, some sort of true and others purely fantastical. I better get a move on.

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