Millenials think and write so differently than the classical writers whose stories fed my soul as a young reader. Music evolves and changes through the decades and so does writing style. I enjoy current trends, but love when things that entertain us run full circle as with Lady Gaga singing an old tune with Andy Williams. As I tackle my current writing projects I am looking for that perfect blend, perfect balance of what pleases my soul and what will appeal to a new generation of readers.

As a “well-seasoned” writer, the witty, sharp and sometimes irreverent work of emerging younger writers challenges me to consider my audience in new ways and to learn from the fresh voices that appeal to a broad audience of readers. My complex sentences need to be shortened, the language less flowery and more succinct, and the dialog more provocative and fast-paced. Whew…I have a lot of rewriting ahead of me as I explore these new principles of marketable writing.

The process sometimes overwhelms me. As others have shared, I HAVE to put my volumes of ideas into readable form. I have to. It is who I am. I am a woman of words. I have stories to tell. I have waited too long to do this. So, here goes.