Decades of writing experience only define me as a writer, not an expert at writing. I have been blessed. Opportunities have come to me. I have not been a ravenous, desperate journalist needing to make my name and my way. Although very good college instructors and early experiences as a student writer and stringer for local news outlets allowed me to research, investigate, soar and plummet, I never developed that Geraldo Rivera passion to “get the dirt” or pursue the story behind the story.

A woman who came of age in the late ’60s and early ’70s, I confess I ran the sidelines of the big issues of the times. It was a good place for a reporter, not a popular place from the point of view of the radicals who loudly and passionately wanted everyone to jump onto their bandwagons, especially on college and university campuses.  My liberal upbringing, laced with good moral values, taught me to love people more than their causes. Hard-hitting investigative reporters can’t be too compassionate. I was…too compassionate, loving everyone, reluctant to press too hard, uneasy writing about the worst in our society.

I did get my degree with high grades in journalism from a state college fomenting with controversy in 1972, a hotbed of radical thought and actions. I had married a wonderful conservative man who must have been dazzled by my blond beauty. We were so very different, he in his three-piece suit traveling to the business district downtown while I put on my clogs and shawl for the bus trip uptown where we student journalists were being sent out to cover the challenging times in front of us.

My husband and I shared one great passion…hurting children. So, from suits and shawls to hiking boots and flannel shirts, we began a journey in which our educations became tools to rescue and help children in ways we never dreamed. That is a story for another time. Let this be the summation of my writer’s tale to date: I write passionately, but more from a place of victory than from defeat. I have contributed for many years to a magazine entitled “Enjoy!” It is all about the best of the region in the world where I live. It sums up the place I have come to as a writer.

There is much to celebrate in this world. I choose to pursue the best in people, write about solutions, not problems, explore the goodness of God, and try to bring a word of hope to the hopeless. I am still learning how to write so my words make a difference, not waves; how to say something that will being clarity and transformation to others’ lives in the midst of confusion and chaos, to choose a better road to travel.