That’s just where I am. I’ve been harnessed in. Now I’m ready to tackle the course. I simply have to keep my eyes on the next handhold and step out on the narrow bridge to the next platform. I have two wonderful coaches helping me along the journey of writing and getting published. Thonie continues to do the hard work of publicizing herself as a writer with two books published and the third being refined. She is coaching me in the fine points of becoming a part of the writers’ community both locally and further afield. She gives me assignments to tackle in both the writing of my manuscript and in “building my platform.”

Jeremiah is my technology coach. He also gives me assignments. As he is dealing with a rank amateur, he has to speak gently giving bite-sized instruction so I don’t panic in these beginning stages. It’s all about “building my brand,” he says.

What about the great idea I have been nurturing and the inspirational thoughts I want to put on paper (or a screen) for others to read? That’s really all I wanted to do. Knock me over with a noodle! I have so much to learn. Writing my book is such a small part of becoming an author whose works bless the shelves of book stores and make the Best Sellers list on Amazon.com.

Today I began to study the tutorials Jeremiah recommended in order to improve and upgrade my internet presence. Oh my… Accidentally, I read an article by a very successful journalist who says she still has to work hard at keeping her branding relevant, unique and intriguing in a crowded field of writers trying to do the same.

The whole process can be suffocating. But the members of the peanut gallery who have encouraged me to continue, my steadfast friends and family and my coaching staff spur me on to take the next step, grab the next rope on the course…and swing out. Going back is not an option.