It is time to write this book that keeps working its way to the surface of my thoughts. I don’t have any trouble writing my thoughts, but the discipline of organizing my ideas, researching, interviewing, then writing on a regular schedule and sticking to the plan…that is hard.

I am reading the works of other authors not for story content anymore, but for organization, for technique, for sentences and paragraphs that grab and keep my attention. I am reading to learn how to craft my story so you will all want to read it from beginning to end.

The book I am writing is non-fiction. So, I am reading non-fiction books to see what works for me as a reader. I am writing my book at the same time. My confidence waxes and wanes. I am reading a book now by an author who has done something I hope to do…paint a word picture as an analogy to illustrate his point of view. He then ties his train of thought together in a later chapter so the reader has that “AHA” moment, the moment when the questions raised by the author in the previous chapter, the point of view that challenges the reader to think about an old idea in a new way, makes so much sense that the reader wishes she had thought of it herself.

Another something I look for in a well-written book, another something I hope to incorporate in my writing, is conciseness without neglecting the descriptive phrasing that elicits an emotional response from the reader. Let’s face it, what we read needs to move us in some emotional way, or why read it? I don’t mean sobbing emotions, or soppy sentimentality. I mean emotions that lure us into the story or that inspire us to learn more. The book I am reading now does that. The author uses personal illustrations, speaks in the first person and speaks directly to me. I am reading carefully.

The process moves me along. Reading as a writer, taking a refresher course on “Building Great Sentences,” writing here for practice and having you all let me know what you think, this is helping me grow in my craft as a writer. All you readers give purpose to what we writers write. I want to move you, inspire you and to create a hunger in you to read more.

Let’s see what happens.